Gluten Free Breakfast Shake

Carb-based breakfasts?

Common breakfast choices include a muffin, cereal or toast with jam. These choices are full of simple carbohydrates digested, immediately turn to sugar. By raising sugar levels you force your body to overcompensate. Your body does this by removing extra sugar and turning it into fat. As a result, sugar levels drop and this leaves you feeling hungry and weak as your brain lacks sugar. This is why you get mid-morning cravings, and want to eat more carbs. This cycle can repeat itself through the day.

What makes a healthy breakfast?

A breakfast that is balanced and protein based

Breakfasts with the right nutritional mix release energy slowly, keep you fuller for longer and help you control your weight by limiting your need for snacks. A healthy breakfast provides the body with key nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar levels. It helps to avoid a dependence on simple carbohydrates. The result is your appetite stays under control, you don’t crave carbohydrates and your body uses its own stored fats for energy.

Gluten Free Breakfast Shake

Herbalife have introuced a new breakfast option with their “Free From” shake. Now you can get all the benefits of theie original Formula 1 shake, made free from soy, lactose and gluten. That’s the goodness of 22 vitamins and minerals, fibre, high quality pea protein and plant-based
carbohydrates which help you feel fuller for longer and sustain your energy levels. With pea protein, blueberry and pomegranate!

More Details on Gluten Free Breakfast Option

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